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This year, the growing season was successfully completed with the collection of the seed. Our diligent care and excellent weather conditions resulted in the excellent quality of the seed.

The product was cleaned after being carefully processed by a color sorter, followed by disinfestation (by biological method) and stored in a special chamber.

We are ready to offer you our exceptional – fine products in excellently packaged packaging.

The goal is for the products to reach all over Greece.

New product ‘’ Olfita marianum ‘’

Find us at the following points:

Elli-Deli eshop: Analipseos 254Γ Volos

Viologika Karagianni: 28is Oktovriou 159 Volos

Prasini Agora: G. Kartali 92 Volos

Metsovitou Σ. Pharmacy: Iolkou 17 Volos

Papakosta Evaggelia: Alexandras 231 Volos

Pantopolio tis Thessalonikis: Komninon 2 Thessaloniki

Kiachidis Athanasios: Andreopoulou 16Α Thessaloniki

Aggelousi Aglaia Pharmacy: Iolkou 17 Volos

X.Papalitsas-Ε.Economou Ο.Ε.: Iasonos 57 Volos

Α.Chatzopoulou-Σ.Nikolaou Ο.Ε.:Solonos 54 Athens/p>

Patarlas Markos: Krokiou 58 Volos

Καμουνάχος Κωνσταντίνος Pelion Pasta :Πορταριά Πηλίου

Ηλιόκηπος Βιολογικά Προϊόντα: Ναυάρχου Κόρδιγκτων 67 Ρόδος

Delicatessen Γαϊτανίδης: Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου 33Α Βόλος

ΒΙΟΑΝΑΓΕΝΝΗΣΗ AE: Εμμ.Μπενάκη 8 Αθήνα

Βιολογικός Φούρνος: 28η Οκτωβρίου 31 Βόλος

ΤΟ ΒΑΛΣΑΜΟ: Πατρέως 43Πάτρα

Mikaela’s Goods παραδοσιακά προϊόντα: Αχιλλέως 18 Αίγινα

ΤΟ ΡΟΔΙ: Κωνσταντά Πολυχρονίου 6-8, Κέρκυρα – Πλατεία Σαρόκου