What is thistle ?

Its botanical name is ``Silybum Marianum`` and it is a herbaceous plant from the asteroid family.
It thrives mainly in Mediterranean countries but is now found all over the world. The height of the plant reaches 2 meters and its flower is a red-purple thorny flower.

Its reference dates back to the 4th century by Theophrastus, who called it Pternix. Dioscorides used it as a wound healer.

The active ingredient in thistle is called silymarin, which gives many benefits to human health.

Furthermore, It is used in cosmetics.


It is cultivated with organic methods as defined by the regulations of the European Union and our country.



We produce excellent products, certified by the organization D.I.O, which means that each stage of their production and processing is accompanied by the necessary certificates.



Our products are packaged with the most modern methods in order to reach the hands of the consumer unaltered



We process the seed into crumbs and oil with the highest standards.


Organic cultivation

Organic cultivation follows safe and pure methods for the production of plant products. No synthetic chemicals, hormones or plant growth regulators are used other than traditional cultivation techniques.

Thus, perennial crop rotation, set-aside and mechanical cultivation maintain the productivity of the field, take care of its enrichment with nutrients and control weeds, insects and pests.

It is a system of production of agricultural products which are high in nutritional value. It is also environmentally friendly and respects the health of consumers, the ecosystem and nature.

It is a philosophy of life and should be part of the future.

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Thistle products in pockerwork.

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Why Greek biological products?

The Greek biological products, are exceptional and select. The quality of products depends greatly upon the quality of the soil where the plants are cultivated, the whether and the care of cultivator.

Clean environment

Country plentiful in sunlight which is essential precondition for healthy and productive plants.

The Greek soil was never the dump of infective by-products or wastes of industries impurities.

The changes in temperature are gentle and short, they don’t shock the plants and render in extreme their
beneficial components (aromas, nutritional substances e.t.r)

The irrigation of cultivations comes from controlled clear waters, earthly (rivers, lakes) and subterranean (artesian, bore for water )

Small land cultivations where with Love and pain, is achieved the best of production. “like the old time” ….